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Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve you, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions below:

Account information and login
Are credit card transactions on shopanimedvd.com safe?
Why would my card be declined if there are sufficient funds in my account?
What is Card Verification Number (Security Code) and where can I find it
When do you charge my credit card?
What is shopanimedvd.com's policy on shipping to Non-Billing Address of credit card?
DVD and DVD Region Coding, Can it play on our Region 1 DVD players?
Blu-Ray Region Coding.
What is Import DVD and Domestic DVD?
Frequent Buyer Points and Discount Coupons
Payment options
Product availability
Sales tax
Shopping cart and Checkout Process
How Do I Save my Cart?
How Do I Cancel an Order?
Subscribing and unsubscribing to the ShopAnimeDVD.com's newsletter

Account information and login

How can I change my account information?

You can change your account information by clicking on "My Account" on the top right side of our home page. Enter your e-mail address and password. Then click on "Sign In" to update your e-mail address, name, password, notification and billing or shipping information. Note: Once your email address is updated, your new log-in name will be of your new email address

How secure is my account information?
Completely secure. www.shopanimedvd.com is committed to protecting the security and privacy of your information. For details on the security of your transactions, please click on Privacy Policy on the bottom of the page.

How do I get a copy of an invoice for my order?
Click on "My Account" on the top right side of our home page. Enter your e-mail address and password. After you log-in, select "Order History", locate the order number of the invoice you require to view or print the invoice.

I forgot my password. How do I get it?
Click on "My Account" on the top right side of our home page. Below the Email and Password box, You'll find a text line that says 'Password forgotten?.' Enter Your email address and click "continue" A message appears in Red: "A New Password Has Been Sent To Your Email Address." Within approximately 5 minutes or less, your password will be e-mailed to you. Once you have received the temporary password, log into your account, go to edit account and input your new password to what you desire (make sure you write it down somewhere so it won't be forgotten the next time you log in). If you still expeniences problem, email us at support@animekrazy.com or support@shopanimedvd.com

How do I update my address book? I have recently moved.
Click on "My Account" on the top right side of our home page. Enter your e-mail address and password. After you log-in, select "address book", locate the address entry you would like to modify or delete, then click on the name for modification. It is just that simple. We recommend, any old addresses that are no longer good, should be deleted from your address book to avoid future possible checkout error caused by selecting the wrong address at checkout.

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Are credit card transactions on www.shopanimedvd.com safe?
Absolutely! In fact, statistically it's safer to use your credit card over the Internet than in a restaurant or department store. www.shopanimedvd.com servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
with an encryption key length of 2048-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even log in to your account for payment, they will check that you're using an approved browser - one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. an encryption technology that works with your browser to ensure all information sumbited to our site will be encrypted for your protection. If you would like more information about our credit card security policy, please read Your Privacy and Security information page.

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Why would my card be declined if there are sufficient funds in my account?
In order to protect our customers from fraudulent transactions, the billing address as record on your billing statement and shipping address is verified through your credit card company instantly upon submitted. If the billing address is not correctly provided upon checkout you could be declined. Please verify that My Account information is correct and upon checkout, be sure your billing address is correct given. If you recently moved, you should notify your credit card company to ensure that they have your most up-to-date information. Another factors of declined transactions are the expiratation date and/or your 3 digits Security code on the back of your card (or 4 digits code on the front for American Express Card) was not correctly enter. The Security Code (Card Verification Number) is an also an important factor and possible cause of the declined transaction.

* Other highly possible cause is that your credit card usages had been place on hold by the credit card company due security monitoring made to your account. You will need to call your credit card company to clear the lock on the account in order the continue usage of the card.

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What is Card Verification Number (Security Code) and where can I find it.?
Some credit cards are declined due to invalid Card Verification Number (CVV, CSV, CID) Security Code entered. Make sure you enter the security code on your card correctly. The Verification Number (Security Code) can be found on the back of your credit card. For "Visa/Master" and "Discover" that will be the last 3 digits on the back of your card. For "American Express", that will be the last 4 digits found located on front of your card. Need help locating the Card Vertification Security Code on your card? Click on the card type " word " located above for information.

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When do you charge my credit card?
Your credit card is charged automatically through our secure payment gateway at the time you place the order.

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What is shopanimedvd.com's policy on shipping to Non-Billing Address on card?
Shopanimedvd.com takes extra steps to ensure the securities of the online purchase made through our site are not fraudulently placed.

To ensure speedy process on the shipping of your order, we highly recommend the ship to address is your billing address (same address appeared on your credit card billing statement). This will expedite your order as we will not need to get in contact with you for any additional information or require authorization from you in order to release order to shipping.

If the billing address on your order provided differs from the billing address with your credit card's records, the shipping of your order will be delay until we contacted you to get additional information from you to validate with your credit card's issuer. This process can delay processing time on shipping as we might require information from you by written authorization. 

If you needed the order to be shipped to a friend or to your workplace, anywhere other than your billing address, please contact your credit card company and note with them an alterative address for shipping. This simple process will speed up the processing time as we can obtain the authorization and confirm with your credit card company that you (the card owner) had made and acknowlege the order to be shipped to a non billing address.

Shopanimedvd.com can only ship order to non billing address if we can verify the alternative address is recorded with your credit card company. Please verify that My Account information is correct, and then notify your credit card company to ensure that they have your most up-to-date information and there is no discrepancy of information with the registration information on our site and with your order. For more information about shipping to non-billing address. Check out our shipping policy page

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DVD and DVD Region Coding

DVD Region Coding
Import DVD with Region coded of "0 " is an "All" region DVD, which can be play on majority of DVD players with any region coding which include some game console, However; please note that most US domestic DVD (region 1) only runs on region 1 DVD players or ALL region DVD player only. Some Domestic release DVD too offer "ALL" Regions coding.

Will a DVD play in my Blu-ray player ?
While some Blu-ray players will also read DVDs, not all do. We can not guarantee that all DVDs will play in your Blu-ray player.

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Blu-ray Region Coding

The Blu-ray Disc region coding scheme divides the world into 3 regions, labeled A, B, and C.

  • Region A includes most North, Central and South American and Southeast Asian countries plus Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
  • Region B includes most European, African and southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand.
  • Region C contains the remaining central and south Asian countries, as well as China and Russia.
Unlike DVD region codes, Blu-ray region codes are verified only by the player software, not by the drive and the computer operating system. The code is stored in a file of the player program or in the registry. In stand-alone players, it is part of the firmware.

Will a Blu-ray play in my DVD player ?
In order to play a Blu-ray discs, you much have special Blu-ray player or game console specifically noted it can play Blu-Ray (like those of, Playstation 3).

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What is Import DVD and Domestic DVD?

Import DVD, are DVDs that are published, distributed or released outside of the USA, but are imported to the United States for retails. Domestic DVD are DVDs that were published, distributed or released in North America.

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Frequent Buyer Points and Discount Coupons

With our Frequent Buyer Points Reward Program, It is like getting an additional up to 2% off your purchases!! This HIDDEN discount gives you the extra saving you are not even aware existed. For example, a purchase of $10.00, can really be a hidden price taged for just $9.82 with the near extra 2% reward you can receive back. That's a saving of $0.18 for every $10.00 of purchases. Wow! can't beat that. See the hidden saving? With our already everyday low prices, this beat the prices of many of our competitors. If you do the math, you will see the saving you get back into your wallet for shoppping with us.

How do I Earn Frequent Buyer Points?

You earn one point per dollar spent, (exclude shipping, taxes or other discounts), which you can apply toward your future order(s). The points earned will automatically be placed into your account once your order is shipped.

Here is our current Frequent Buyer Program break down from point to $aving Effective November 1, 2009
Points Earned Credit Given
250 $3.oo
500 $7.oo
750 $12.oo
1000 $16.oo
1250 $21.oo
1500 $25.oo
1750 $30.oo
2000 $35.oo

How do I redeem Frequent Buyers Points?
Once you have earned at least 250 points, you'll be given the option to select how many points you want to redeem toward your purchase. To use your earned points, simply select the amount of points you want to use and click on the redeem button. The amount will be discounted off your cart on the next page.

Can I transfer my points to friends or to another account?
No, points issued to account are non transferable. If for any reason you no longer use or be able to access the email address you have registered with us, you should log into the account and update the email address to your new email address. If for some reason you are not able to login using your old account and password, drop us an email for assistance. We don't recommend the creation of another account, if you wanted to keep your current earned points from old account, as we will not be able to migrate or move points from your old account to your new account. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact support@shopanimedvd.com.

Will My Frequent Buyers Point Expire?
Yes and no. Your earned Frequent Buyer Points in account will only expire if your account goes inactive without at least 1 purchase in a 365 days cycle. As long as you have made 1 successful purchase once every 365 days, your points will never expire. Points in your account earned will be reset with a new expiration date based on your last purchase order date. Expired points are none compensable. We will not be able to recover expired points to account once they had been reset to 0 (expired).

Orders made by Mail-in or Fax-in options, have a 15 days grace period based on the date the order was placed for payment to reach us.  Be sure to send in payment as soon as possible, after the 15 days grace period and payment have not been received, points in the account will expire and goes to 0.

NOTE: If your account is within 15 days near its expiration date from which payment was mailed, we highly recommend to drop us a note and let us know payment have been sent in order to us to monitor and keep your points active while pending your payment arrival to avoid complete reset to your account. We can only keep the grace period active pending your payment arrival if you notify us via email.

Terms on Frequent Buyers Program:
We may modify, restrict or change the Program at any time, which changes may include, but are not limited to, changing the number of points you earn for a particular type of activity or the number of points you need to reach a particular Reward tier or to redeem a particular Reward, or omitting or adding reward levels or categories, or changing the selection of Rewards, or imposing, increasing or eliminating points caps, or changing the conditions under which points expire or are forfeited. We will notify you of material changes to the Program terms and conditions and, unless you decide to terminate your Program participation, you will be bound by the revised terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Program, or your participation in the Program, at any time without compensation to you.

How do I redeem Discount Coupons?
A discount coupon will be sent out to www.shopanimedvd.com's email subscribers when we have special promotion available. Please refer to the email for full details of the coupon limitation if any. Each coupon can have different restrictions and/or expiration date. You can redeem the given coupon during checkout. Just enter the code in the box provided, and click on the redeem button under Discount Coupon. Don't lose the coupon code, we'll not be able to re-issue the code to you if you lose it, make sure to keep the code safe so you can benefit from this special offer. The coupon amount will be deducted from your total when you check out.

Coupon offers cannot be combined with any other promotions. Only one coupon offer may be used per household and per an e-mail address. Coupons and Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Other restrictions may apply.

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Payment options

What are my payment options?
We do accept all major credit cards, paypal, and mail in form of payments such as Check, Cashier Check, Money Orders or Cash for all US customers and for International customers we accept International Money Order, Western Union Wire or Cash in $USD currency. For details of mail in forms of payment. Click here

Please note for personal check: There will be a $25.oo Service charge for all return/bounce checks. All bounced Check May go to collection Agency if unresolved.

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Product availability

How do I know if the item is Out of Stock?
With our current system, when the item is out of stock, you'll be prompted with RED texts on the Shopping Cart page upon addiing item to cart.

Why would an item be out of stock when it still appears on your site?
Because of the great deals we offer, many of our products sell out very quickly. We do update our site hourly, but there is an inevitable delay in reflecting the fluctuations of quantities of product on hand particularly since thousands of people visit our online store everyday. To avoid missing out on our featured items, we encourage you to act quickly.

Unlike most other Internet retailers, www.shopanimedvd.com carries a full inventory for every product we sell. This means that when we say an item is in stock, we mean it. In rare cases however, we may take your order and then discover that the product is not available for shipping due to (i.e., it is damaged or defective) stock. We will have to pull it off the shelf/inventory. In this case, we will notify you via e-mail that it is on backorder and do our utmost to fulfill the order as soon as possible. You will also have the option to cancel the orders.

Do you ever restock items that are sold out?

Yes, we are occasionally able to restock items. However, because some of our products might become discontinued, they may not be available again upon depleted. We recommend that you take immediate advantage of our great deals and place your order without delay if you see something you wanted.

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Sales tax

Does shopanimedvd.com charge sales tax?

State laws require that internet retailers collect sales tax in states where they are resident. Shopanimedvd.com is currently a resided in the state of California. Subsequently we are required to charge applicable taxes in California.

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Shopping and Checkout Process

How do I order?
To order items, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Checkout" from your shopping cart or "Cart Contents" the top right side or "Cart" on the left side.
  2. If you're not a subscriber (new customer), click on the "Continue" button to register under "New Customer" to register. If you are already a subscriber (or customer), simply enter your e-mail address and password under 'Return Customers.'
  3. Verify your shipping address
  4. Check Stock Availablity options
  5. You can Redeem your Credits on Earned Frequent Buyers Point before you continue.
  6. Click "Continue"
  7. Verify your billing address
  8. Choose the payment method of Check/Money, Credit Card, Paypal or Fax In Order
  9. Select the shipping method for the order
  10. Click "Continue"
  11. Next, you're shown the total amount of your order, including sales tax (CA residents only), Discount and shipping charges (if any). If any of the information is incorrect, you can go back and adjust information on previous pages. You can also cancel the order at this point.
  12. If you have selected Check/Money Order, you can simply confirm your order and an order form will be sent to your email address. Simply follow the instructions on the order form and send in your payment. Please have the order form printed and mailed in with your payment as soon as possible to avoid soldout status of the item(s) you order. Don't forget to write in your order number on your payment. Orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis. So get the order form and payment in as soon as possible.
  13. Next, you're shown a "Your Order Has Been Processed!" page which indicated your order had been submited to us. We will also confirm your order via e-mail within 24 hours.

NOTE: If you have problem checking out due to unable to obtain shipping rates and your are located in the following States (VI, PR, GU) and Military locatons (APO/FPO)
Be sure select the Country as "United States", then input Virgin Island/Puerto Rico/Guam as the States. The Country have to have be United States in order for USPS to pull the shipping options for your cart to checkout

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How do I save my cart?
Cart can only be saved, if you login to your account. Note: if you do not login after you finish placing items to cart, the cart will only temporary be saved on your computer's web browser for a short term or until your computer clear out your web browsers memories. When this happen you loose all cart contents. To avoid from loosing your cart contents and the time you spent putting products to cart, you need to log into your account and save the cart contents to your account. Once cart had been saved to account, it can be access anytime you return from any computer or devices.

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How do I cancel an order?

Our focus on customer satisfaction means items are processed and shipped quickly! We actually process your order from our warehouse within hours. Consequently, if you ask us to cancel an order, it is most likely being prepared for shipment and we will be unable to cancel it. If you need to have your order cancelled please contact support@animekrazy.com/support@shopanimedvd.com as soon as possible after order being placed.

Please note: All cancelled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee! if order had been shipped.

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Subscribing and unsubscribing to the ShopAnimeDVD.com's newsletter
To subscribe or unsubscribe to the www.shopanimedvd.com's newsletter, you must log in to My Account. After logging in, click on the 'Edit" button to to located subscribe or unsubscribe options to Newsletter.

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What is your warranty policy on Domestic Items?
In the event of defective products, Please contact support@animekrazy.com , support@shopanimedvdmail.com or support@shopanimedvd.com with details of the items you are having problem with. Be sure to include your invoice number with your email.

What is your warranty policy on Imported Items?
All imported products we sale are under guarantee. If out of draw of luck, the item you received is defective, it can be exchange for the same title/made by the same company only within 14 days of purchase. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable, unless we have made an error of shipping you the wrong item(s).

We at shopanimedvd.com ask that before requesting for an exchange, you should try your DVD out on at least one other stand alone DVD player from a different manufacturer. We just need to be sure that the problem is the disc and not the player. We always take care of our customers. All returns will be tested on our machines here to confirm unplayable issue. Customers will be responsible for return shippings.

All returns have to be authorized from us, you can send in your "Request for Authorization of Exchange" (RAE) by emailing to support@animekrazy.com , support@shopanimedvdmail.com or support@shopanimedvd.com . We'll forward to you the exchange policy on how to have the defective item returned for exchange. Things to include with your request is your invoice #, Item Titles and a Brief Description of Problem and disc number. All unauthorized return will not be process. Please allow 2-4 weeks for exchange to be return to you.

Do I have to pay to ship back a product to ShopAnimedvd.com for an exchange?
Unfortunately, Yes. We suggest using the least expensive shipping method available to return the product to us. Usually USPS First Class mail is the best options if you are returning only the disc back to us for an exchange for package under 1/2 pound.

We will pay for postage on the exchanged item going back to you if item was deemed defective. Return postage will only be reimbursed if we had sent you the wrong item(s).

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Refund/Return Policy:
All sales are final, due to the nature of the media product, we can not supply refund of items nor can we give store credit for another item on opened products. Please refer to our warranty policy in the event of a defective product.

We maintain a fairly strict (non defective) returns policy for credit. Return for credit will be evaluated basis on case to case. We trust our customers know what they are ordering when they place an order, and to review their order carefully before finalizing it. We enforce this policy strictly to keep our prices as low as possible and to maintain high customers service support.

All returns that are accepted/approved will be subject to a 25% restocking fee with Shipping and handling charges not refundable, except when we have made an error of shipping you the wrong item(s). Return approved items have to be in brand new and in its original packaging. All unauthorized return will not be process and will be discarded.

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