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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger (Vol. 1-50 End) + Movie - *English Subbed* 
  Media Type DVD Language Japanese  
Number of Discs 3 Subtitles English / Chinese / Malay
Episodes (Vol. 1-50 End) + Movie Regions Coding 0, All, Region Free (NTSC)
Running Time Genre Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense
Release Date Release By VBG

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger (Vol. 1-50 End) + Movie - *English Subbed*

Two millennia ago on the planet Chikyu, a group of heroes joined forces to defeat and exile the Underground Empire Bug Naraku to the planet's subterranean levels through their guardian deity Legend King-Ohger. Afterward, the heroes disbanded, five of them establishing the kingdoms of Shugodom, Nkosopa, Ishabana, Gokkan, and Tofu, respectively. But a prophecy later spreads that the Bug Naraku will return.

In the present, fifteen years after a catastrophe known as the Wrath of God, the current rulers' attempted alliance fails as the Bug Naraku attack Shugodom per the genocide decree of their King Desnaraku VIII. A Shugodom youth named Gira learned his king King Rcules Husty plots to have the conflict justify his agenda of unifying the kingdoms under his rule, disgusted by Rcules' callous intent of sacrificing their people and steals his Ohger Calibur, the kings' symbol of authority. Gira declares himself as an "evil king" bent on destroying Rcules' reign, awakening the Shugods that form King-Ohger while branded a traitor despite being later revealed to be Rcules' missing younger brother. Gira forms an alliance with the other rulers: President Yanma Gast of Nkosopa, Queen Hymeno Ran of Ishabana, Chief Justice Rita Kaniska of Gokkan, and Overlord Kaguragi Dybowski of Tofu to save their world from the Bug Naraku and depose Rcules while gathering the other Shugods needed to form Legend King-Ohger.

They are eventually joined in their quest by the historian Jeramie Brasieri, revealed as the half-Bug Naraku son of a forgotten sixth hero whose existence was erased from history for falling in love with a Bug Naraku royal, who fabricated the prophecy in a scheme to unite the two races. The six soon form a new alliance known as the "Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger". After Gira exposes the deposed Rcules and succeeds as Shugodom's king, he convinces Desnaraku to reconcile with humanity once Jeramie learned his prophecy caused the current Bug Naraku attack. But Desnaraku is fatally wounded by his right hand Kamejim, revealed to be have orchestrated the Human/Bug Naraku conflict, with Jeramie establishing an official sixth kingdom of Chikyu for the Bug Naraku to live in peace. Later, the Ohsama Sentai briefly going on adventure at the spirit realm, H?kab?ka where they are warned by their predecessors about a new threat they will face. Two years later, the King-Ohgers face a new threat to their world when Kamejim's master, the Galactinsect King Dagded Dujardin, arrives to force Chikyu in resuming the war or be destroyed. But Gira learns that Dagded is the true mastermind of the Human/Bug Naraku conflict by forcing House Husty into his service with his Galactinsect Jesters causing the Wrath of God incident, refusing to allow the war's renewal while he and the others expose Dagded's deeds. Dagded responds by sending the rulers to Earth, learning their ancestors migrated from there while helping the Kyoryugers defeat the revived Deboth Army. Upon their return, the Ohsama Sentai learn Dagded placed his Jesters as puppet rulers of the kingdoms alongside Rcules, who eventually reveals that he played the role of a dictator to win Dagded's trust and destory him. The Ohsama Sentai gradually accept a repentant Rcules while learning the truth of Gira's birth, the exile of Jeramie's parents, and that the Bug Narak also originated from a world that Dagded destroyed. They proceed to eliminate the Jesters while learning their only chance of destroying Dagded is the fragments of the Kings' Proof. With Kamejim is the only Jester left, all citizens of Chikyu, as well as the people of H?kab?ka decides to aid Ohsama Sentai against Galactinsects, and be free from the alien conspirators' enslavements.


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